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Health Records Management Added to Common Goal Product Lineup

Elmhurst, IL (March 18, 2010) – Common Goal Systems, a leading developer of web-based software for schools, announces the launch of a Health Records module for SchoolInsight, the company's student management system. This new product helps school nurses effectively manage all aspects of student health. It can be purchased as part of a product suite or as a standalone.

The Health Records module provides schools with an easy way to track immunizations, clinic visits, medications, screenings, medical alerts, and many others. The software includes powerful documentation tools suitable for school and state reporting. "Until now, keeping track of immunizations was a nightmare. Switching to this health module has saved me time and effort. The reports are great and keep me on top of the schedule," said Fawsia Mujahid, Principal of Salah Tawfik School in Sunrise, FL. Another customer noted that the interface to track daily meds used to treat ADHD, diabetes, asthma, etc. was "indispensable."

According to Pat Helmers, Vice President of Sales for Common Goal Systems, "Everything the school nurse used to do on paper is now computerized, saving time and streamlining the record keeping process. The health module works seamlessly with our student management system SchoolInsight. By adding this and other products, schools can look to us as their all-in-one administrative solution. We use the latest web-based technology and give our customers top-notch technical support too."

The health records software is fully HIPAA and FERPA-compliant with permission-based security and access logging. All data housed within the system is protected in a secure environment. Because the health module is available over the web, medical alerts about life-threatening conditions and allergies can be shared instantly with the school staff.

Common Goal Systems ( provides a line of web-based services to help schools and teachers work more efficiently. In addition to the Health Records Management and SchoolInsight, the company develops TeacherEase, the popular standards-based grading software with parent portal. Using the Software as a Service model (SaaS), the company offers its products via the Internet and is responsible for the deployment, operation, and maintenance of the IT infrastructure. Founded in 2001, Common Goal Systems has hundreds of thousands of users around the world.

- Common Goal Systems, Inc Press Release, March 18, 2010