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January 2014 Product Release

Elmhurst, IL (January 17, 2014) – Common Goal Systems, a leading developer of cloud-based software for schools, announces several enhancements to TeacherEase and SchoolInsight. TeacherEase is software for the digital classroom and includes: Learning Management System, Curriculum and Lesson Planning, and Standards-based Gradebook. SchoolInsight is a comprehensive student information system.

The new functionality includes:

Search/Copy Curricula. To help teachers find useful digital activities for the classroom, TeacherEase now includes a searchable database of curricula: lessons, web pages, instructional videos, etc. Resources are rated by TeacherEase users; the best will top the search results. Teachers can share their favorite resources to improve content available to the community. To get the database started, we pre-populated the database with about 8000 professionally created resources. We included the new search functionality inside the copy curricula wizard. Give it a try and let us know what you think…
     Instructor Main > Search/Copy Curricula
     Instructor Main > Curricula > Search/Copy

Copy Online Quizzes. Teachers can now copy online quizzes: between different classes, by different teachers, etc. Many users have requested this feature, and we finally got it implemented. Sorry for the wait.
     Instructor Main > Curricula > Search/Copy

Rich-Text Lesson Plans. We improved lesson plans to support rich text (HTML) documents. Instead of entering plain-text lesson planning information into separate boxes (goals, objectives, etc), users can now work in a more attractive consolidated document. This also facilitates sharing among teachers with different lesson plan templates. The settings can be configured to remember user preferences.
     Instructor Main > Lesson Plans > Create Lesson > (check box for rich text/HTML)
     Instructor Main > Setup (LMS) > Curriculum Options

Online Quiz Improvements. We made quite a few improvements to the online quizzes. We improved the quality of autograding and made various workflow improvements.

News Feed Enhancements. We gave users more control of the News Feed. They can now delete items off their news feed. We also made pin/unpin more clear, so users can keep important messages at the top of their list. We added icons to the news feeds, so it’s also more attractive.

Common Goal Systems ( provides web-based services for education. It provides SchoolInsight, an industry leading student information system and TeacherEase, software for the digital classroom. Using Software as a Service (SaaS), the company offers products via the Internet and is responsible for all system operation and maintenance. Founded in 2001, Common Goal Systems has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

- Common Goal Systems, Inc Press Release, January 17, 2014