Schedule ISBE Export/Uploads



For some time, we’ve supported manual upload of ISBE files through SchoolInsight.  Our users currently use this mechanism to simplify reporting to the state of Illinois.  It is a nice improvement compared to uploading files individually through the ISBE website.  We also download ISBE response files and provide a UI to understand any errors.


While working on the new Enterprise Data Access (EDA) module, we received requests to extend the scheduler to support ISBE files.  Users would like to automatically send files on a schedule (upload students nightly, send exits at end of week, etc). In this release, we added the ability to:

  1. Save ISBE Exports as Saved Reports

  2. Schedule the Saved Reports to run and upload

  3. Receive notifications after upload and response file download

  4. Examine ISBE log files to understand success/failure


When running exports/uploads, it may take some time for the process to complete. All CGS customers share the upload queue, and the ISBE needs to ingest and process the files.  Users will receive email notification upon completion. It will contain high-level information about success/failure.


After completion, users should troubleshoot any errors in the upload.  Similar to manual upload, check the ISBE response logs for details.  Typically customers will endeavor for remedy data problems based upon the ISBE responses.


When scheduling, be aware of sequencing, as ISBE files are often dependent on each other.  For instance you shouldn’t send the “Exit Student Enrollment” file before the “Student Demographics/Enrollment” file (students need to exist in the system before they can be exited).  These are the same dependencies districts must respect today.


For step by step directions, please see our Knowledge Base article: