iOS Mobile App Notifications



We’ve recently been working on mobile apps.  In our latest release, we upgraded the iOS TeacherEase parent/student app to receive notifications when events occur in the system (grade is entered, student is marked absent, announcement is sent, etc).  Users stay updated without needing to login.



We implemented mobile notifications by leveraging the Feed already within TeacherEase.  Whenever a feed item is generated, it can be pushed out as mobile app notification and/or email.  Users control which actions create Feed items and notifications.



We think notifications can improve the user experience.  Users often prefer knowing about events immediately, rather than searching for them repeatedly.  Some users login to TeacherEase frequently to check for updates, and we think notifications can reduce this effort.  We plan to add new notifications to make more information accessible.  


To receive notifications, install the TeacherEase app and enable notifications.  While this version currently supports parents/students only, admins/teachers are coming soon (we're in late stage development). 


This release builds upon recent updates allowing the mobile app to stay logged into TeacherEase.  After initial login, users can access the app with pin, fingerprint, and/or faceid authentication.  If you’re still using Safari on iOS, we’d suggest installing the app -- it’s much more convenient.


We also have other mobile projects under development.  We’re close to releasing an admin/teacher mobile app, look for it late September/early October.  We’re also working on an Android version, which should be ready in a couple months.


We hope you enjoy the new features.


The Common Goal Team