Upload Special Education Documents



We receive frequent requests to store special education (SPED) documents in SchoolInsight.  Customers would like to make Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and 504s available to teachers and appropriate employees.  In this release we added the ability to upload and share these files with our system.


We added a new “SPED” tab to “Students - Single View (beta)”.  It has new fields to hold file uploads (IEP, IEP Snapshot, and 504).  We also show other SPED-related fields here, so it’s all in one place.



Admins can edit data on the SPED tab with a new edit page (click the pencil to launch).  Upload UI elements allow admins to send files to our servers, and existing SPED fields can be edited too.



The new fields are not available in the “classic” version of “Students - Single View” or “Edit Student.”  We will not be adding new functionality to “classic” pages.

We added admin permissions, to control access to SPED data.



“Students - Single View” is available to teachers too, and provides easy access to students’ SPED documents.  On “Configure Student Data” there’s a new choice for “Instructors Can Access.”  It can be set to allow instructors to view the field for all students, or only their own (default for sped).



We added an IEP/504 alert icon too.  This will help instructors be more aware of students’ individual needs.  It shows on the pages where we show alert icons today: “Students - Single View,” “Scores/Comments,” “View Roster,” and “Enter Attendance.”



We’re currently working on integration with SpedTrack to automatically pull files from their system into SchoolInsight.  When complete, any SPED documentation completed in their system will show up in the appropriate field for students in SchoolInsight. We hope to integrate with other vendors as well.


We’re also planning to add more upload fields, and expand the ability to manage student documents electronically.  Initially we plan for fields to hold proof of registration, birth certificates, health records, etc.  These will be added after the summer’s registration season has completed.


If you’re a new customer to SchoolInsight migrating from Tyler Technologies, we’ll be importing your existing files. Feel free to coordinate with our Implementation Team as they pull your data into the system.


We hope that you like the new functionality.  Feel free to provide us feedback.



The Common Goal Team