Google Classroom Integration: Phase II Released



We’ve worked to improve the experience for teachers who use both TeacherEase and Google Classroom.  We released the second phase of our integration, which provides the following: 


  • TeacherEase rosters are pushed into Google Classroom, simplifying setup

  • Google Classroom scores are pulled back into TeacherEase, reducing data entry effort


Typically, Google Classroom roster setup is challenging for teachers. It is effortful and error prone.  The integration automates this process. Teachers authenticate TeacherEase into their Google Classroom accounts. They match their TeacherEase and Google Classroom classes, and TeacherEase will push their roster(s) to Google. 

Once classes are linked, assignments and scores entered into Google Classroom are automatically pulled back into TeacherEase.  This takes a few seconds for the computers to perform the transfer, and removes the need for double-entry.


For standards-based grades, there’s an extra step.  Since Google Classroom doesn’t support standards, teachers must specify a learning target when pulling back scores.  Teachers have a nice user interface to add this information and allow scores to flow back.


We built overview and training/setup videos with more details.  Feel free to check them out:


This integration is only available to customers who have the full TeacherEase subscription (it’s not available to Gradebook-only customers).  There is some admin-level setup required to enable this functionality. Please see our knowledge base article for more details:


This is our phase II release, which we targeted for the beginning of the school year.  We plan a phase III release, with deeper integration and more great features. See our previous news release for details.