Subscribe to Calendars



In 2017, we upsized our calendar functionality. All calendars could be shared with students, parents, and teachers within TeacherEase. We also added "Event Calendars" for things like band schedule, soccer schedule, individual classroom events, etc (previously we supported academic calendars only). Customers have liked these enhancements, and some publish many calendars to communicate with their communities. We'd encourage you to check it out if you don't use Event Calendars today.


We received feedback that users would like to import TeacherEase calendars directly into their phone, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc. It would be very helpful to see the days off, practice schedules, etc.  Most calendar applications have the ability to subscribe to external calendars through a URL and automatically pull in events. So we added a service to provide this data. If you link your personal calendar, TeacherEase calendar events can now flow into it.


At the bottom of the calendar, you’ll see a subscribe button.  


This gives access to a page with URLs for each calendar (both academic and event calendars).  Paste those links into your existing calendar tool, and events should be automatically created in your personal calendar. As new events are created in TeacherEase, they should flow into your calendar. Most external services will update every 15 min to 24 hours.



We wrote up a KnowledgeBase article with instructions for setting up the more popular calendar applications.  You may need to look in your calendar’s documentation for more details. 

We hope this is helpful to everyone.


The Common Goal Team