SchoolInsight Financials Update: Beta Payroll Runs Complete



We continue to make good progress on SchoolInsight Financials. Last month we successfully ran payroll with all of our beta customers, and half of them ran a second payroll without us onsite. Every amount matched those generated by STI/Chalkable, further validating our calculation algorithms. We are excited by our progress and the positive energy of our beta clients.  


As anticipated, we received great feedback too. We’re well underway building UI improvements and closing feature gaps. We have a small handful of items to complete, and then we’ll start implementing clients who have sent us purchase orders.


We’ll be asking new customers to make a choice concerning their timeline for implementation. Would you like to get started as soon as possible, or wait until later in the spring? For early customers, we seek trailblazers. These are users who would like to give us feedback, guide our development, and don’t mind a few temporary software imperfections.  Early customers will likely spend more effort as our product and implementation team matures. Later customers are more time constrained, and just want the product to work. We would encourage customers to think about their attitudes, so we can best serve everyone.


If you’d like a demonstration of SchoolInsight Financials, feel free to reach out to your account rep. We're happy to engage with customers who are interested.




The Common Goal Team