Product Release - Nov 6, 2017


Export Standards-based Grades

Users can now export traditional and standards-based grades from the grade export. For standards-based grades, the score for each learning target can be exported. If an overall score is calculated for the class, it can be exported as well.

District Admin Main > Import/Export > Export Grades

Admin Main > Import/Export > Export Grades


Added "Internal Instructor ID" to Staff Export

"Internal Instructor ID" has been added to the fields available on the staff export when filtering on the Instructor role.

District Admin Main > Reports > Staff Details

Admin Main > Reports > Staff Details


Mass Edit Historical Grades can now set the "Weighted" field

Users can now mass edit the "Weighted" field on historical grades that are not associated with a course at the school/district. This field determines if the weighted GPA values will be used for the class when calculating GPA. For historical grades associated with a course, the Weighted field is inherited from the course.

Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Historical Grades > Mass Edit Historical Grades