Online Registration: Parent Reminders and other Improvements



Last year most customers made parents/guardians aware of Online Registration by sending announcements.  While this was mostly effective, it was a blunt tool.  Parents who completed registration continued to receive messages, even though they no longer needed nudging.  There was no easy way to send different messages without manually crafting groups.  So we improved the situation by building “Registration Reminders.”


(SD)Admin Main > Online Registration > Registration Reminders


Registration reminders send messages to parents/guardians based upon students’ registration status.  Admins can use templates to tailor messages, and reuse them throughout the re-enrollment season.


The screenshot below shows the UI to send a Reminder.  Admins choose statuses, which select the population of students (their custodial parents receive the reminder).  They choose a template to control the message content.



The reminder mechanism is integrated with Enhanced Parent Communications.  It will send text and voice messages for customers who subscribe to that module.


We have also released a few smaller improvements:

  • Timestamp registration submission and make it available in reports

  • Provide registration signature information in reports

  • Reword “Is your child returning?” to make it more clear for new families


We hope you like the improvements to Online Registration.



The Common Goal Team