New Modules on Renewal Subscriptions



We’re in the process of building two new modules for SchoolInsight: Online Registration and Enterprise Data Access. Basic functionality already exists in these areas, and some customers use it today. We strive to provide great products, and plan to expand capabilities beyond what is currently available.  We’ve discussed our aspirations in more detail in previous news articles, and would recommend reading them:

Announcement: Online Registration (3/2/18)

Announcement: Enterprise Data Access (11/24/17)


The basic functionality that exists today is included in the SchoolInsight Core module (at no extra charge).  When most of the new development work is complete, and the modules have become significantly more capable than current functionality, we plan to charge a separate fee for them.  In general, we’ve found that most existing customers are willing to pay for new features useful to them. Subscription fees fund development work and excellent support of new modules.  Once complete, we’ll add a charge on the following year’s renewal order forms (development times may vary, but likely 2019-20). Pricing will be the same as other SI add-on modules: lunch, discipline, health records, etc.  For most customers, the increased cost will be relatively small in comparison to the total renewal. Expected new features are listed in the announcements linked above.


Since sending out renewals in early March, we’ve gotten some feedback from customers.  Many missed our previous news articles and were surprised by the new modules on their order forms.  Moving forward, we want to better communicate our thought process, and cooperatively add useful new technology to our products.  So for customers already using existing Online Registration and Enterprise Data Access functionality:

  • We added FREE modules to 2018-19 order forms.  There is no charge this year, and it should help make customers aware of our development efforts and future plans.
  • We’re adding a note to order forms linking to this news article.  Not all customers proactively read our news, and this should help inform them.
  • On the site, we’re marking existing Online Registration and Enterprise Data Access functionality as “beta,”  as a way to let customers know it’s under construction.
  • We won’t add any additional charges to renewals until new modules are a substantial improvement over the current feature set.  At that time, we’ll make the modules a paid item on the next year's renewal order form.
  • In a future release, we’ll add email notifications to our news articles.  So we’ll be able to push news into customers’ email inboxes, and it will be less likely that news is missed.  Customers can opt-out, of course.


Our goal is provide valuable new technology at an affordable price.  We would like to do this in a clear and transparent way. If you have any questions, please contact your account representative, or send an email to

The Common Goal Team