ISBE 2017-18 Updates

We’ve finished our annual software updates so IL customers can meet ISBE reporting requirements.  As usual new functionality includes data entry and reporting for a number of new fields.  One small highlight is the ability to mass edit fields, as this greatly reduces data entry time.  Many students will have the same value for these new fields, and it’s easier to change them in large groups than to edit students individually.


Student Demographics

  • Added new field for 2017-18 academic year
    • Military Connected Student


Demographics and Early Childhood

  • Added new fields for the 2017-18 academic year
    • Classroom Location
    • IDEA Service Received
    • Preschool For All Expansion
    • Head Start Funding
    • IDEA Funding
    • Local District Funding
    • Tuition Based Funding  
    • Preschool for All Expansion
    • Previous Enrollment In An Early Childhood Program
    • Child’s Parent In Foster Care
    • In Classroom IDEA
    • CPS Value Preschool
    • Title I Funding
    • Child Care
    • Child Welfare Involvement Within The Past Year
    • Family Has An Open Intact Family Services Case


Birth to 3

  • Added new fields for the 2017-18 academic year
    • Household Income Criteria
    • Screening for Emotional & Development


Preschool Student Course Assignment

  • Added support for the new Preschool Student Course Assignments report.


All code sets for the 2017-18 academic year have also been updated.