IL-NDPA Exhibit E is now available



The Student Online Privacy Protection Act (SOPPA) takes effect in IL on July 1.  We’ve been working hard at Common Goal Systems (CGS) to help our customers be in compliance with the new law.  One way customers can meet the requirements is to sign an IL-NDPA agreement, which was developed by the Illinois Student Privacy Alliance (ISPA).  The agreement has a nice structure.  One customer signs the full agreement, and then other school districts can adopt the same terms too, using Exhibit E.  This is an easy and scalable way for districts to sign agreements with many vendors, as required by SOPPA.


We recently executed an IL-NDPA with one of our customers, Armstrong Township High School District #225.  Other CGS customers can now execute Exhibit E, and agree to the same terms. Feel free to download Exhibit E, sign it, and email it to Here are links:


Exhibit E Only  (download and sign this, 1 page)

Full IL-NDPA (complete agreement, 23 pages)


The agreement isn’t available on the ISPA website yet.  Hopefully it should be discoverable there soon.  Here’s a link to where it should appear:


SDPC: Search Illinois Alliance Website


The primary benefits of the IL-NDPA are its cost and scalability.  Districts don’t need to review the Terms of Service (TOS) for each vendor, they can execute agreements already adopted by other school districts.  Exhibit E is a great cost and labor saver.


In addition to supporting the IL-NDPA, we previously updated CGS’s Terms of Service to meet the new SOPPA requirements.  Even without executing an Exhibit E, we believe that CGS customers who sign our Order Form will have a SOPPA-compliant written agreement in place.  We wanted to make it easier for our customers, and believe this is also an option.  For more information, see: 



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