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Mar 26, 2017

Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Update - Reports Part 2

The latest release completes CRDC reporting in SchoolInsight. The releases contains new CRDC data fields added to the discipline module and the “Part 2 School Form: Cumulative or End-of-Year Data” reports for schools and districts.

Part 2 CRDC reports can be run at the school or district level:

  • By School
    • Admin Main > Reports > CRDC Reports
  • By District
    • School District Admin Main > Reports > CRDC Reports


Admins can match incident types and action types in SchoolInsight to their CRDC equivalents

  • Admin Main > Discipline > Incident Types
  • Admin Main > Discipline > Action Types


On discipline incidents, schools can now track if a weapon was used and whether the incident was a result of harassment.

  • Admin Main > Discipline > Discipline Incidents


For each student/action on discipline incidents schools can now track additional data:

  • Admin Main > Discipline > Discipline Incidents
    • Offender/Victim: Each student can be identified as an offender or a victim
    • Zero Tolerance: Indicates that an action taken was a result of a zero tolerance policy
    • Law Enforcement Notification: Indicates that law enforcement was notified
    • Arrested: Indicates that the action resulted in an arrest
    • Alternative Education: Indicates that the student was transferred to an alternative education program as a result of this incident


The added CRDC fields to the discipline module do not impact state reporting of discipline incidents.

School admins are encouraged to review the new fields and update data to ensure accuracy in the CRDC reports.