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Mar 20, 2017

Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Update - Reports Part 1

The second site update for CRDC reporting has been released. This update contains reports for the “Part 1 School Form: Fall Snapshot Data” portion of CRDC reporting. The reports can be run:

  • By School
    • Admin Main > Reports > CRDC Reports
  • By District
    • School District Admin Main > Reports > CRDC Reports.

Reports can be run by their section (Section I: School Characteristics) by clicking the section name. Clicking the + expands the selection to reports for each part of the section (SCH-P1Q01T1 - Grades with Students Enrolled).

In order to ensure the reports produce accurate data, CRDC specific, gender, demographic, birthdate, and other information needs to be entered.

Information about the specific fields and the requirements for CRDC reporting can be found at