Get Uptime Communications on Twitter @CGS_Status



All cloud-based solutions experience some level of downtime. Reasons include software glitches, hardware malfunctions, routine updates, and scheduled maintenance. As a provider, we pride ourselves on maintaining high uptime with the majority of downtime scheduled with advanced notice. With that said, unscheduled downtime can occur. In an effort to improve communication during these events, we created an account on Twitter, @CGS_Status.  We’ll post messages to provide status updates and other relevant information.  


If you’re the main technical contact for your district/school, we’d encourage you to follow this Twitter account.  You’ll receive notifications and be “in the loop” (be aware of events before users start asking questions).


Since Twitter is outside our architecture, we should be able to reliably communicate with customers, regardless of the technical specifics of the issue.


We also expect to provide more detailed techie information through this channel: software updates without News articles, scheduled downtime, etc.  


We hope that you find the additional communication helpful.



The Common Goal Team