April 2016 Product Release


Common Goal Systems, a leading developer of cloud-based software for schools, announces several enhancements to TeacherEase and SchoolInsight.


Online Registration of New Students. Online registration has been improved to support new students in addition to returning students.  The workflow for new students is available throughout the year, and not just during the re-enrollment period. An overview video of the online registeration of new students in TeacherEase and SchoolInsight is available here.

Admin Main > Tools > Online Registration


Academic Year Status Colors. Schools can easily distinguish active, future, and inactive academic years by looking at the color of the Academic Year drop down.  This feature existed before the UI redesign, was temporarily lost, and now is available again. These colors are also shown on the Academic Years page.

Admin Main > Yearly Setup > Academic Years


Graduation Requirements. Schools now have more flexibility managing graduation requirements. Admins can copy an existing degree and make changes to its graduation requirements. Also, the sort order of graduation requirements within degrees can be changed.

Admin Main > Scheduling > Graduation Requirements


Pre Loading Checks. This report can run without checking alternate course requests. This option helps schools better understand the source of class conflicts.

Admin Main > Scheduling > Student Schedule Loading > Pre Loading Checks


Advanced Scheduling Enhancements - Room Picker. The automated scheduler was upsized to better handle room placement.  The software will attempt to move an already scheduled class into a new room if the current class being scheduled has higher priority for the occupied room. The order of priority is Course-Room Requirement (band needs to be in the band room), Teacher-Room Preference (Mrs. Smith always teaches in room 214), Teacher Preference, and then Subject-Room Preference (math classes go in the math wing).

Admin Main > Scheduling > Generate Master Schedule


Eligibility Report. Transfer grades are now properly included when calculating eligibility.

Admin Main > Reports > Gradebook Eligibility


Account Balances. The report can now be run on multiple accounts at the same time. Generate a simple balance sheet for all accounts at once.

Admin Main > Modules > Tuition/Fees > Account Balances


(IL) Copy PARCC Assessments. Schools can now copy PARCC Assessments data for students from year to year instead of having to manually enter multiple data elements each time.

Admin Main > Yearly Setup > Students-Multi-View > More > PARCC Student Assessments

- Common Goal Systems, Inc Press Release, 4/22/2016